M&G Wedding

The Brick SD


Radoc | Balaguer Wedding

Wedding reception for Tiffany and James at the Admiral Baker Clubhouse.

I love before and after pictures. They really show how dramatic decor lighting can transform a venue.

Congratulations to another happy and lovely couple, Tiffany and James!

IMG_5139 IMG_5109 IMG_5129 IMG_5102 IMG_5131 IMG_5135

Halvorsen | Fox Wedding

Corey and Kristin’s wedding reception was sooo much fun even for vendors…from the ice sculpture shaped like a Fox to the mosh pit carrying the groom and even the fifth last song requested, End of the Road, being sung by everyone on the dance floor. ┬áThe energy from this group was enough to keep pushing through until the venue forced us to stop the music.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Corey and Kristin Fox!




Contemprato | Macario Wedding

The Contemprato-Macario reception was at the Omni Hotel in Downtown, San Diego. Their vision entailed a strong use of lights to create a whole lot of drama and really personalize their space to differentiate their wedding from others. Kat and Nick, our bride and groom, wanted to utilize their custom designed logos used on their invitations and website for consistency throughout the wedding to add that extra personalization.

Lighting enhances your venue’s attributes and creates a lasting mood for your guests. I took a before and after picture to help illustrate the difference uplighting makes.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Macario!!!!!!