Radoc | Balaguer Wedding

Wedding reception for Tiffany and James at the Admiral Baker Clubhouse.

I love before and after pictures. They really show how dramatic decor lighting can transform a venue.

Congratulations to another happy and lovely couple, Tiffany and James!

IMG_5139 IMG_5109 IMG_5129 IMG_5102 IMG_5131 IMG_5135


Champy | Voyles Wedding

Congratulations to Anny Champy and Jonny Voyles on their recent wedding! Their reception was held at Admiral Kidd and it was beautiful! Their colors were blush pink with a light amber color. We set up the blush pink uplighting around the perimeter and amber highlighting the couple at their sweethearts table overlooking the beautiful San Diego bay.

Here are a few before and after pictures The team was out before sunset so its still a little bright out.